E-JASA stands for Electronic Joint Action for Scientific Accomplishment. 
In addition, this name refers to "Ijaza", the first ever degree created in 931 a.c. in Medical Sciences to validate medical training and give the status of Professorship.

E-JASA is a non-profit networking organization that connects people working in the life science industry. 
It fosters dynamic interaction between its members, and promotes reciprocal exchange in a professional yet relaxed setting. E-JASA plans to become a unique European platform for exchange of business information, ideas, and support within Life Sciences. As main communication tool, we use mainly Social Media (Linkedin) and our website. 

E-JASA will organise regular networking events in several locations so as to propose a meeting point for members. Whether you would like to join friends and colleagues, meet new people or are contemplating a career change, E-JASA networking events will provide ample opportunity to broaden your horizons and spark new ideas. 

  • We wish for our peers what we would wish for ourself
  • Community and Social responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Excellence