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Co-founders and Active Members


Based in Basel, Switzerland, Zaki is a senior member of RSA Switzerland.  Having worked extensively with Biotechnology companies from early stage through to commercialization, Zaki brings a wealth of experience to the strategic partnerships he has developed within his practice.  He focuses primarily on supporting innovative start-up organizations in the Biotechnology, Diagnostics, and Medical Technology and Devices sectors, while collaborating closely with the life sciences venture capital and private equity investor communities.

Throughout his career, Zaki has worked in both scientific and commercial functions.  He began his career in research in Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics, first with Novartis and later with Biozentrum, a renowned research center, in Basel.  He then joined Abcar DIC Process, a health food industry start up, in La Rochelle, France, as their Sales and Marketing Manager.  Intrigued by the opportunity to serve clients across the life sciences sector, he joined a boutique search firm in Basel, where he built and led the company’s life sciences division.  Instrumental in his impact to the firm’s internationalization and major growth, Zaki increased and diversified the client portfolio and also developed several new practice areas within the life sciences sector.

Zaki holds a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology Engineering from the National School of Biotechnology in Bordeaux, France, and a Master of Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration from Poitiers, France.  He is pursing a Doctor of Philosophy in Innovation Management in Life Sciences with the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

He is a native French speaker and is also fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic.


As a Marketing Manager, Adam had trained many salesforce teams and designed specific training to help them accept and reach their goals. As a PhD Student, he co-founded a biologists association, created and edited a community scientific on-line magazine, and more recently co-organized scientific conferences. These actions have well prepared him to interpersonal relationships and contact management with governmental and scientific key leaders.

As working played a major role in my education, he had the opportunity to work as an International Operator for France Telecom during his early university studies. This part-time job allowed him to develop easy communication over the telephone and easy contact. During his scientist life, he wrote many scientific articles and made oral presentation used corresponding sotfwares.Thanks to theses expericences, he is recognized to be a quite good pedagogic communicant person.

His university career followed by a postdoctoral fellowhip at the Penn State University College of Medicine, has truly developed his innate passion for innovation and technology. This passion was developed during his work as a consultant in management of research and innovation.
As a matter of fact, he always tries to understand the underlying mechanisms or concepts of technical objects he uses to see if used in a different manner It could more efficient for his needs.

Mohamad Haitham Ayad

Mohamad Haitham Ayad is Pharmacist by education (Pharm.D) from the University of Damascus. He holds a MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Bordeaux.


Working several years in different pharmaceutical companies in technical research and development, he gained substantial broad experience in the formulation of solid dosage forms and in the trouble-shooting related to the fabrication of these products.


Further duties include selection, audit and work with CMOs and redaction of Drug Product part of regulatory documents (IND/IMPD).


Currently, Dr. Ayad is working at Addex Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland, as Formulation Development Manager. He is responsible of the Drug Product Development of the NCEs from Pre-clinical stage until Phase III clinical trial.

Before Joining Addex, he was Formulation Development Manager at Innothéra, France. He was responsible of the development projects of oral dosage forms from the preformulation stage until the scale-up at manufacturing location.


Mehdi has 7 years of experience in Business Development and International Sales Management in life science. He is currently business developer for a CRO providing biometrics and medical writing services for clinical, observational and epidemiological studies. In his former position, Mehdi was business development manager for a CRO providing preclinical and drug discovery services.  He interacts with research labs, biotechnology companies, healthcare and medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies..