E-JASA goal is to bring together life sciences professionals of different cultural identity or business expertise as a collective group to work towards the promotion of equality of opportunity. In other words, our core value and driver is to support men and women of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in their career path within life sciences industry (with a strong focus on pharma).


We believe that diversity empowers the societies and businesses. Our aim is to make sure that people communicate to each other. They need to know that they are always people willing to help them on any topic.

  • Enable the establishment of mutually beneficial relationship between members.
  • Enable life sciences industry awareness. We believe that the true industry awareness comes from having a strong Network
  • Inform about alternative learning spaces 
  • Trigger mutually beneficial working partnerships between members.
  • Access to information and experience: “We don’t want you to reiterate the same education or career mistakes as some of us “
  • Translate our experience into greater social value creation